Winery Show Text Messages


Music offerings at The Winery at St. George are taking huge steps this year, with bigger names and exciting acts and special events. Because we know you don't want to miss out on them, we are launching our new “Winery Show Text Messaging System” (WSTMS). At this time the service is only available for our customers with iPhones.

The purpose of this system is to give our valued customers, who are interested in hearing about our show schedule in advance, the opportunity to purchase tickets early to ensure that they get optimum seating and have access to their favorite groups and artists.

For those interested in receiving a text message when a show comes on line, please text “wineryshows” to

ONE text message will be sent per show when a show goes live or on sale. There will be no follow-up text to remind customers about the show, nor any advertising of any kind. Most shows are on Wednesday Nights with few exceptions.

 (Note that this service is NOT for announcing Friday night bands!)

YYou can unsubscribe any time by texting “unsubscribe” to  or by responding "unsubscribe" to our text messages.

The Winery understands that text messaging and phone numbers are very private and will ensure that only one text message per show will be sent. We also agree to never share phone numbers with any third party.